Spreadsheets In Business

Spreadsheets And Their Uses In Business

Businessmen, this is not the time to talk about spreadsheets. I know you are wanting to hear what I have to say because it means all the marketing for your products will cease immediately. But I am not here to sell you anything. In fact, I hope you never use spreadsheets in business. Here is why:

When spreadsheets were first introduced into the business, they represented a major breakthrough. No longer would companies need to painstakingly prepare documents. Instead, they could just pull them up on their computers and print them. This obviously had obvious benefits. For example, if you had to create a spread sheet from scratch every time a new document was needed, you could spend hours doing that. If you pulled your spread sheets and printed them, you would be spending a lot of time working on them which could be counterproductive.

Examples Of Spreadsheets For Small Business

But did the spreadsheets really save time? Were they really superior to traditional forms of document preparation? Did they offer any more functionality? The truth is, even after twenty years, there are still many situations where the use of spreadsheets is not desirable.

One problem with spreadsheets is that they can often contain too much information. This information may be unnecessary. In fact, it could easily be outdated. By removing certain items such as names and dates, you eliminate extraneous information and free up valuable real estate on your computer for important documents. As a result, some spreadsheets can be extremely heavy.

Features Of Spreadsheet In Business

Another problem is that spreadsheets can actually slow down the computer processing speed. Because spreadsheets to store large amounts of information and include formatting instructions, the computer must search through those pieces of information when it needs to open and read the document. This is known as reading compression. Compression is a result of two factors: knowing how to compress information and making sure you don’t add too much information to the document. These two factors can make it difficult to understand spreadsheets, especially if you have a very slow CPU.

And finally, spreadsheets in business are notorious for being difficult to compare. Comparing spreadsheets will take time. The reason for this is that each business will use different fonts, different cell widths, and different formatting details. Each document will be unique, which means that the comparisons you make could vary depending on the version of the spreadsheet and the version you are looking at. This means that if you are comparing your spreadsheets in business with another company’s spreadsheets, chances are, they won’t be able to tell which version you’re looking at or will have mistaken it for being a different version.

Benefits Of Spreadsheets In Business

So what is the solution to spreadsheets in business? There is no single solution. However, one thing you can do to make your spreadsheet’s easy to compare is to use the same spreadsheet program that you use for your other documents. A common program used for spreadsheets in business is Microsoft Excel. You should be able to import your spreadsheets from this program into Excel so that you can compare them.

Examples Of Spreadsheets For Small Business

Of course, you should be careful about making assumptions when importing your spreadsheets in business. If you accidentally import a document that doesn’t look anything like what you already have in Excel, you could have serious problems on your hands, as the document might not be a valid fit with your document management software. But using the same program for all your document files makes it extremely easy to compare the documents for comparison purposes. You’ll also be less likely to forget that you have spreadsheets in business, which can lead to forgetting important meetings and phone calls.

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